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Application Support & Maintenance

At Eduraja, we want our clients to achieve operational resilience— to see around corners, operate consistently, and deliver better solutions with quality assurance & testing to accelerate time to market. This is why our approach to ASM focuses on business observability, user experience and resilience in addition to automation. Platform observability allows you to identify and resolve the root causes of performance issues, resulting in better platform quality with less upkeep, smarter operations, and reduced technical debt. Overhead costs are decreased through operations that are truly optimized, not just automated.

Digital Applications & Platforms

Eduraja Digital Applications & Platforms (DAP) makes digital-led business transformation a reality through the power of platform innovation and application modernization. The Digital Applications and Platforms unit brings to the table, more than 15 years of deep experience in designing and implementing API-first, modular, open, light, highly available, and business-ready platforms across all major industries and domains. Led by senior engineers with strong credentials in enabling digital transformation journeys of our customers; our Digital Applications & Platforms services provide technology solutions which cover almost every facet of Digital Transformation - be it marketing, business process, customer engagement, x-commerce, business productivity or custom business platforms.

Data & Analytics

Data is the currency of today's digital economy, and enterprises across every industry are taking the next step in their journey toward data lifecycle management. For some, that next step is to establish data governance and make their data better accessible across the organization. For others, it’s infusing data into organizational operations and decision-making. Wherever you find yourself on the road to data maturity, Eduraja is here to help.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Disruption is the new reality of enterprises with ever-changing customer expectations and innovative business models. To thrive on disruption, enterprises must build value chains not only to achieve today’s goals but also to develop a revolutionary edge for the future.

Enterprise Applications

Eduraja helps enterprises structure and modernize applications and platforms to take advantage of composable architectures and cloud-based application consumption. Our benefits-led approach allows us to combine the power of leading platforms with our innovation and industry capabilities to drive large-scale platform-enabled transformation.

Application Modernization & Integration

The digital world has offered large businesses a chance to operate in a more dynamic environment, but they are often held back by legacy IT systems. Enterprises worldwide have a wealth of application logic and capabilities that are core business assets, with time-tested industrial strength. However, the digital economy has unleashed an era of innovation, driven by consumerization and relentless disruption with the advent of niche players and powerhouses in most verticals.